Private Lessons

Small Group Private Lessons

Mondays and Tuesdays 10:00am-5:00pm

I offer small group private lessons from my studio in Hoboken. The lessons are designed to give each student personal, one-on-one training as they work on their own specific painting or drawing project. Limit 6 students. Three-hour minimum. Email me for details:

Single Student Private Lessons

One-on-one private art lessons. Designed to give the student focused personal training as they work on their own specific projects. Email me for details:


The Rome Workshops


This 10-day workshop will focus on step-by-step methods of painting the figure using photographic references that I use for my own work. I offer hands on instruction and demonstrations, beginning with creating a strong visual narrative through compositional design, cropping, lighting and perspective. We’ll cover elements in Photoshop and printing for stronger photo references. I will demonstrate an easy gridding technique and imprimatura painting method to create the first layer. I will teach an organized method of mixing a color palette, and various painting processes to encourage spontaneity. The student will gain a clear understanding of color and tonal relationships, as well as strengthening realistic figure proportions and anatomy. The ultimate goal is to create a painting that carries meaning and artistry beyond the photo reference.

The Rome Workshops are located in the historic center of Rome beside the famed Campo de’Fiore. Along with inspiring class lectures and in class painting, we will have opportunities to tour Rome’s great works of art in the museums, piazzas, churches and galleries. All levels are welcomed!

For more information and to register: