Workshop: Photoshop for Artists


Workshop: Photoshop for Artists



APRIL 18,, 2019 10:00AM- 4:00PM

Course Description

The workshop will give artists the tools for adjusting their photo reference and preparing it for painting and drawing. Using Photoshop effectively will bridge the gap that many artists have between taking photographs and using it as a good reference for artwork.  An effective reference is an integral part in creating a successful artwork. Beginner to Intermediate Level.

Intro into Photoshop and Basic Tools

Part 1: Overview of the main functions in Photoshop:

*Basic tools with the shortcut keys


*Menu bar

*Properties of a file: resolution, file size and dimensions

*Preparing the Photo Reference

Part 2: Adjusting the image

*Image / Adjustment functions


Part 3: Gridding the image for printing


*Rulers and creating a grid

*Printing image and its parts

Part 4: Frankensteining

*Learn how to seamlessly combine parts of difference photographs to create a solid reference.

*Adjusting for photo distortion: scale and perspective

*Recovering lost information

*Adding or removing various parts

*Selection Tools

*Edit / Transform Tools

*Vision of the final reference

What to bring: Laptop with current version of Photoshop installed

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